What Now?

from by The James

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I don’t see any point in this life
What purpose do I serve?
Am I supposed to further a society that continues to disappoint what I feel to would be at least civil ethics?
How much difference would it really make if I drove myself into the depths of Hades?
In the whole worth of everything do I even add up to one cent?
I go through every motion
I go above and beyond the call
There’s work
And school
And all the things I do to entertain myself
What is my goal in all this?
Make a family and send my kin into this new world built around me?
Continually more corrupt every age seems to be
It’s become too easy to survive
Strike the line
Feed the machine
And let the people in charge take over everything for you

You don’t need to think anymore
You don’t need to do either
All you have to do is scream like a baby and wait for someone to clean up your mess
Go ahead
Latch onto the tit that bends over to pick your ass off the ground
That’s the latest trend
The time has come for the next revolution
We need an empire to fall before we can unite and stop this brutal take over of human consciousness
Please make it overwhelmingly clear as to what we are doing for each other
Right now it’s a race to the top
The king of the hill gets to kick anyone else down to the bottom
Right now is the worst time there’s ever been
Because right now is the complete loss of contemplation
There has been no other time where there’s no challenge to think


from Beach Access, released October 20, 2015



all rights reserved

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